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We bridge the gap between Support and Counseling, with Guidance available 24/7!


Below is an example of a video from the Sisterhood Membership library:

Why is the Sisterhood So Powerful?

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    24/7 Support.

    Counseling and support groups can be very important in reclaiming your life, but they are often not available when you need them most. The Sisterhood website is open 24/7 with all day, all the time access to video messages and other resources whenever you need them.

  • 2

    Hope that YOUR Recovery (from whatever has you down) is Possible.

    It is easy for someone to tell you that you can get better when they have never had to come back from something devastating. Learn from someone who has not only been through major life challenges and heartbreaks, but is still standing through them.

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    Take down the "BEAST" that is preventing you from being happy.

    Everybody has some sort of "Beast." That thing that is keeping you from living with hope, peace, joy, and purpose. The Sisterhood System will provide a roadmap to overcome the Beasts in your life.

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    You have a Tribe of Women who Love and Support You.

    Don't go onto the Battlefield alone! Link arms with other women who "get it." No judgement, no shame, or guilt. We are all in this together.

Here's What You'll Get!


Weekly Videos covering various topics, all retained in a library for easy access 24/7.



Some Videos come with PDF downloads to further support a particular message.



Communicate in the Members Website & on Member ONLY Facebook Group for more support.


This will help you get started right, and some tips for how to best use the Sisterhood based on YOUR life.



One Member per month is drawn for a PRIVATE Coaching call with Valerie.



And See Bonus Below!


Special Sisterhood discounts on books, merchandise AND events.



About The Founder

Through the devastation of losing her daughter over and over to the addiction Beast, and finally losing her to a senseless murder, Valerie empowers others to stand up and fight for their lives. She is an award-winning author, international speaker and Beast slayer. Valerie builds up women of courage who stand strong against any Beast in their lives.

Valerie Silveira

What Members Say

Dianne Chatelain


It really feels like Valerie is talking to me!


I'm so happy I joined the Sisterhood group! All the videos are so awesome. I can watch them at my convenience & it really feels like Valerie is talking to me. She is!


Tears fill up my eyes and chills on my arms as I write this.


Monette Hopkins


I bring the Sisterhood into my therapy sessions!

I bring the Sisterhood into my therapy. My therapist said, "I have seen such a change in you; you took a stand in August and you haven't stopped. 


I barely got out of bed a few months ago and now  I am leading a support group.


Jeri Griess


It's always like she's telling MY story or talking about my life.

I joined the Sisterhood and now immerse myself in my own recovery. Valerie's encouragement keeps me going. 


Every time I read or hear something from Valerie, it's always like she's telling MY story or talking about MY life!


Is this Membership Right for You?

The world needs YOU standing strong and courageous. We think the Sisterhood rocks, but is it right for YOU? If not, you can keep using the free Resources until you are ready to take serious Action!


  • You are serious about wanting to change your life.

  • You will commit time and energy to your recovery and happiness.

  • You understand this will not happen overnight - it is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • You are ready to take action yet.


  • You would rather wait for something to change so you don't have to change.

  • You are not ready to invest in your happiness.

  • You are looking for a place to commiserate, rather than for solutions to your circumstances.

  • You are not ready to take action.


You have 14 days to be sure the Membership is for you! If for any reason it isn't, we will refund your Membership fee within 14 days of the date of initial membership.  


BONUS! Mini-Workshops

Mini Workshops ONLY for Sisterhood Members on a variety of topics
where you can roll up your sleeves with Valerie LIVE online.

Incredible Topics FREE for Sisterhood

The Workshop topics will be those you would expect to pay hundreds of dollars to attend, but are FREE for Sisterhood members only.

Live Q & A

The next best thing to in-person. Ask Valerie questions during the Workshop. Interact with others.

Future Access to the Workshop

All Workshops will be recorded for access later, along with any materials used in the Workshop. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

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24/7 Support for $.96 per Day!


per year

$444 Reg Price

That's just $29 per month or a savings of 26% off the Monthly rate!

For a LIMITED Time! 



Is this counseling?

Is this something I work on with other people?

Do I have to participate in the Facebook Group?

How long are the videos?

Why should I consider joining for a year?

When life smacks you upside the head with a two-by-four, it can take some time to get back on your feet. Valerie always says - this is a marathon, not a sprint.

What are the Mini Workshops?

What is the Action Plan?

What are the PDF downloads?

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